Saturday, February 27, 2010

But Organ

Go to trader joes today as I'm on this new environmental/organic/less carbon footprint/I am just trying to be more aware kick. (You can not even imagine how much crap is in our food until you read labels, I may lose weight yet!). I am thinking how horribly dressed and sloppy everyone is. I'm a right little judgemental thing, sweatpants, horrid ugly track suits, too much makeup, odd pants high heeled boots combos. I'm just tsk tsking my way through the aisles until.....I look down....and I am wearing a purple parka, my hair all askew, green yoga pants that are hand me downs and having bleach stains all over them (which are orange...) tucked into my winter furry boots....ah.........physician heal thyself......

Well went for tapas last night which was fun so I decided to do a whole platter tonite of things in a sort of tapas vein. Made a huge pasta for lunch so just want nibbles tonite. I buy cheeses, meats, pates, crackers, awesome heirloom tomatos, stuff like that. One of the items I buy is "bread and butter pickles, organic". I get up to the cashier and the first item he rings up are the pickles. They ring up like this on my little screen "pickles, bread and but organ". BUT ORGAN!!! I scream out laughing. The clerk says "huh?" I said look here. Sure enough it says but organ. We both start laughing. He says "I wonder how you play a but organ" I say "easier after a burrito!" He says "I wonder how a but organ tastes?" I say "Not so good after a burrito". It is the comedy act of the century (well, okay, maybe of the minute). After he rings me up he says "Have a nice night and a better rest of your weekend" and I say "I will now CAUSE I HAVE A BUT ORGAN!". is fun, isn't it?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

those sexy conservatives!

Wow, what a bunch of horndogs those crazy conservatives are. First off, a big group of them are teabaggers....who knew?? Even with my raging liberal hormones, I've never found teabagging to be very appealing but what do I know? I also don't find sarah palin very smart so I guess we just don't have the same views......Now I read that Mitt Romney is "fudging" the truth. Fudging........fudge.........he apparently fudges the truth. fudge. Its making me giggle just thinking of it. First they teabag, then they pack the fudge, er fudge the truth. Er....... What a bunch of dirty old dogs those conservatives are, nudge nudge wink wink say no more!