Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack

Well it's been a long time but what better timing than now to come back to report on the events of the day. I was thinking of creating a blog called "dick move of the day" but they would mostly be about Sarah Palin and her morally deficient soul but that would just be boring. Also too easy as she displays everyday the meanness of the extreme right. So, I'll just chat about other things. Very uncomfortable about my feelings about Osama. Yea, he deserved punishment but the rejoicing reminds me and should remind others that we are one world. We handle the death of what we see as a madman in the same way that those we most fear handle death's of our heros. So, we are essentially the same. Can't understand why folks don't get that. Oh, wait, yea its cause WE are the good guys. I see now. Oh and while I'm talking about things I don't understand.....what a dick Rush limbaugh is, right? (It never gets less fun to say that....) WAIT! I think maybe my dick move of the day would also include Rush! And Glenn! And fair and balanced Fox news! And here I promised myself that I would be more tolerant.......

So my kid sends me this funny website and it is basically WTF Jesus. Its very funny but it got me to thinking that in my head I think I say that a lot. I look at morally corrupt people like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Perry (although I love his song california girls.....wait, that isn't him in drag???) and I say WTF Jesus? Sadly, Jesus just shakes his head, a small tear rolls down his face and he reminds me that the bible says "first do no harm" what? Oh yes, that is precept of medical ethics...But it SHOULD be in the bible.

So go out there, do good and by all means FIRST DO NO HARM!