Sunday, June 6, 2010

The tweety blanket

The tweety blanket is my blankie. Tweety blanket is about 10 years old. We bought it as the young girl had to have it when we were in tijuana. We had been on a hunt for the ugliest souvenir. This is a contest we have with our good friends. We almost bought a very large cross however the amount of money it would cost to bring it home on the plane nixed that idea. (Very temping as it was lifesize and was on rollers!) Then we almost bought a wooden bar that had tiny teeny little bottles of alcohol and a thatched roof. But then.....lurking in the ceramic shop we found it.....a winnie the pooh and piglet cookie jar. The wonderful ugly horrible thing about this cookie jar is that not only were the colors off (too pastel) but that piglet looked or a gay stereotype. We had to snap it up. You can't pass stuff like that up. We returned from mexico with gay cookie jar, "gold", a leather san francisco 49ers hat (its stylin), tweety blanket and two fairly traumatized children. A good time indeed!!