Monday, January 17, 2011

Just liberal ole pollyanna me

Yep, I'm liberal. About almost anything. I fight with myself about guns because someone once compared the taking away of gun rights to taking away of abortion rights. As much as I believe guns shouldn't be something you just get to have, I understood the argument. Not sure how to get over that one. I believe that calm heads should always prevail. I also believe when you scream your point you are usually pointless....It seems to me, the louder the arguer, the less they have to say. If you need to talk over people to make your point heard, you usually have no basis in fact or you are just dead boring. I mean just watch Fox news. When there is a viewpoint that is not heading into conservative land the volume goes up, the name calling begins and the sneering disdain leaps into the airwaves. Talk softly, tell me something interesting. Tell me why you feel your opinion is better than mine by using facts instead of telling me how my opinion is wrong. I dare you.....

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