Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why do I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I have a absolute hatred of the Pittsburgh Steelers...always have. Why? I don't know. I mean, I hate the Packers but you have to if you are a Bears fan...that is natural. But the steelers? I mean I hate the cowboys but again that is natural if you don't live in Dallas. (I think it was all those years of "america's team". Really? So if you are a fan of any other team you aren't an american. Bullshit Baby!!) I hate the celtics but that is because I lived in LA for many years and was a Laker fan (natch....natural!). I don't really hate any baseball teams but that could be as I don't really enjoy baseball.

It is a puzzle to me. I don't hate the city of Pittsburgh and have a dear friend who hails from there. Also I've heard it has really begun to turn around and is quite the nice place to stay. Don't hate the pirates. In fact the pittsburgh pirates brings a smile to my face as I immediately think of Chuck Tanner and "we are family"(SHUT UP ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TOO YOUNG AND THAT MEANS NOTHING TO YOU!! - YES I KNOW I AM YELLING...I HAD TO SUFFER THROUGH A BITE OF LAMB/TURKEY MEATLOAF - THAT IS ENOUGH TO MAKE A SOFT WOMAN HARD!)

Ahem. Still no clue, but I bet I'm in good company with many people who hate teams but have no logical reason for it. Must have been fondled by a steelworker or been locked in a room with black and yellow as a child.

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